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Hi! Today I wanted to share with you my 2017 Planning Routine and how I stay organized. I currently use the following three planners. 

This is my bullet journal that I use everyday. If you are not familiar with the bullet journal system, you can learn more about it here. I don't use the general format that most people use. For example, I don't use a future log or a monthly spread. Instead, I only use the pages to make lists, plan events, and make daily to do lists. 

This is my Heidi Swapp memory planner that I use every week. This planner is my creative outlet where I play with stickers and make my spreads look gorgeous since I don't do as much decorating in my other planners. Every week or day I fill the spread by writing a couple of sentences about my day, something that happened, or something that made me smile. I love going back to previous months or simply the week before and reminiscing on the good memories. 

This is my Martha Stewart discbound notebook. I use this "planner" for managing my business. The discbound system is similar to the Happy Planner system as you can rearrange the inserts in any way you would like. The only planning I do in this notebook is for my monthly editorial calendars.

Now for how I plan my life every single week!

First, I take a scratch piece of paper, an old notebook, or a notepad from the Target Dollar Spot like the one pictured above.

I first write down all of my thoughts, to dos, ideas, and other notes. I also write special events next to the day of the week they are on. This is how I preplan. These notes allow me to know where to assign tasks in my week and how I can get the most stuff done. 

Then, I take my bullet journal and open to a new page. I write down the days of the week as well as a notes section for extra space to jot things down. On this page, I write down events and out-of-the-ordinary tasks on their assigned day. This page serves as an overview of my week that I can quickly glance at to see how my day looks like. 

Everyday, I set up a daily page with a format similar to the one pictured above. At the top, I write the date and my to do list. I reference my preplans and my weekly spread when writing my to do list. I use the bullet journal marking system to mark when the task is done, migrated (rescheduled), started, or cancelled. At the bottom, I have space to plan out my day using times. This is completely customizable since I am able to write in the times. This timeline gives me a rough outline of my upcoming day, lets me see where I am spending my time, and I am able to properly plan in breaks and downtime. 

On the side I give myself space to break down projects into action items, write ideas, thoughts, and anything else! It's basically a big page just for my brain dumps. I love having this space as I always have a million ideas in my head and I need the space to write those ideas down to follow up on later. At the top of the page on the far right, I have a space to write down a one sentence memory of the day. Many days when I am too busy to memory plan, I just write down my memory there. Then, when I get a chance or it's the end of the week, I go back and document the day in my memory planner. 

And that's how I plan my days and to be the most productive throughout my day. I hope you found some inspiration and maybe you will incorporate a technique in your own planner system. If you do, don't forget to share your pictures with us on our different social media linked below!

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